An organic approach to architecture is the attempt to create built environments that enliven the soul qualities of an individual and reawaken his connection to the world of nature.

This ‘ecology of life’ is part of the world conception that places the human being in a direct relationship to the living world and its forces of life and growth. With respect to this the philosopher Rudolf Steiner said:

“Wherever art is formed from a truly artistic conviction it bares witness to the connection of the human being with the super-sensible world.”

“All architecture consists in projecting into the space outside ourselves the laws of our own human body.”

Our practice aspires to create buildings and environments that:

  • aim to generate a sense of well being
  • support positive human values and social interaction
  • address physical needs, enliven soul qualities and support spiritual aspirations
  • reveal dynamic movement through gesture, form and material
  • arise out of an ecological awareness of, not only sustainable methods and materials, but also the ‘wholesomeness of life’
  • A strong feature of our practice is our close working relationship with the client body.

Camphill Architecture and Development Ltd. registered in Scotland SC 496681; registered office: Newton Dee, Bieldside, Aberdeen AB15 9DX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Newton Dee Camphill Community Ltd.